Discover Your Natural Talents with the Scientology Skills Test


Scientology did not start out as a religion. Hubbard’s Dianetics was based mostly far more on counseling concerning unconscious scars from damaging reminiscences. Nonetheless, Dianetics began to changeover into Scientology with Hubbard’s discussion of “thetans,” or human immortal souls.

In accordance to Scientology’s web site, Scientology’s leading three basic truths are these:

1. Male is an immortal spiritual becoming.

2. His encounter extends effectively past a one lifetime.

three. His capabilities are endless, even if not presently understood.

What Are Some Other Beliefs of Scientology?
Unfortunately for the noninitiate, considerably of Scientology perception is mystery and only offered to increased tiers of Scientologists. But the subsequent are 10 of the most crucial beliefs in Scientology that outsiders know of:

1. Survival

The simple principle of human existence is survival. Factors that guide to survival are very good and pleasurable, although things that are counter-survival will be adverse.

two. Engrams

In accordance to Dianetics, each particular person has an analytical thoughts that is normally in charge of making everyday decisions and judgments essential for survival. Even so, in times of anxiety or trauma, the reactive thoughts (somewhat like the unconscious) takes more than.

test osobnosti This leaves lasting scars on the reactive brain, scars known as “engrams.”

three. Auditing

To get rid of these engrams, a man or woman can go by way of a therapeutic process named “auditing.” In auditing, an auditor asks an specific a collection of questions developed to purge engrams and allow the analytical thoughts to get back control. This is accompanied with the use of an electropsychometer, or E-meter, a device launched by Hubbard which actions the power of an electrical current that is run by way of an individual’s entire body as the individual responses the auditor’s inquiries. E-meter readings point out adjustments in emotional states and permit the identification of engrams.

four. Individuals Are ‘Thetans’

In Scientology, humans are immortal souls known as “thetans” that are trapped in a number of bodies above different lifetimes. According to Hubbard, thetans originated billions of a long time back with the first Lead to. Thetans emerged early in creation, and by way of their conversation created the bodily universe of subject, vitality, space, and time.

Above time, the thetans fell into the physical universe and acquired trapped. They had been little by little stripped of their creative skills and memories of who they had been and at some point ended up on earth.

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